Versace presents a series of talks on the topic of power. Medusa Power Talks, a platform created for Versace by Cecilia NYC .
With: Donatella Versace / Irina Shayk / Precious Lee / Indya Moore / Chelsea Miller / Lucka Ngo / Nialah Edar Concept & global Creative Direction Film Director and animations. In Collaboration with : Ferdinando Verderi and Art Partner. Design by Aurore Chauve, Agent and Account: Lottie Walsh. 


Cash App presents Joyride by Alehsy Lambo. A moving art show bringing to life Lambo’s iconic paintings. Creative Direction with Alehsy Lambo. With Ari Rivera CCC Miami,  Jose Diaz, Maria Pesce, Akoua Smith.


In 2023 I worked exclusively on bitcoin at Cash App. The goal was to put bitcoin in as many hands as possible and explain bitcoin in a simple way that anyone could understand. Global creative direction for Cash App bitcoin. Image by Porto Rocha


Work available upon request


If you die before you die, when you die you don’t die. A Custom Font inspiered by pre romanesque fresoes and rebirths. 

On July 31, 2021, I was walking the streets of Barcelona while listening to a podcast about Kierkegaard and anxiety. (Kierkegaard famously said that anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.) At the end of the podcast, the host shared a story about encountering a bear while on a walk, alone, in the forest. And naturally thought it was the end and he was going to die, but the bear left.
The host then said, "Since I met the bear, anxiety has left me, and for this bear and for Kierkegaard, I am grateful."and as i was crossing the streets I told myself, "Wow that is great, where is this bear? I really want to see this bear." and I was immediately struck by a motorbike.
I cannot remember anything about the accident, but all I recall are the beautiful and blissful days that followed, experiencing consciousness as a miracle. I received powerful messages in my dreams, and this has forever changed me. This Font tells that story, inspired by the pre romanesque (c900-c1200) chapels my mother took me to as a child.  As Jung had engraved above his entrance, "Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit" - called or not called, God is here. And as Nietzsche said after being hit by a horse and lying on the floor semi-conscious, "Finally, finally something has happened to me."
In collaboration with Aurore Chauve.
Typeface by Ines Davodeau.

Design by Emma Hazen.