If you die before you die, when you die you don’t die. A Custom Font inspiered by pre romanesque fresoes and rebirths. 

On July 31, 2021, I was walking the streets of Barcelona while listening to a podcast about Kierkegaard and anxiety. (Kierkegaard famously said that anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.) At the end of the podcast, the host shared a story about encountering a bear while on a walk, alone, in the forest. And naturally thought it was the end and he was going to die, but the bear left.
The host then said, "Since I met the bear, anxiety has left me, and for this bear and for Kierkegaard, I am grateful."and as i was crossing the streets I told myself, "Wow that is great, where is this bear? I really want to see this bear." and I was immediately struck by a motorbike.
I cannot remember anything about the accident, but all I recall are the beautiful and blissful days that followed, experiencing consciousness as a miracle. I received powerful messages in my dreams, and this has forever changed me. This Font tells that story, inspired by the pre romanesque (c900-c1200) chapels my mother took me to as a child.  As Jung had engraved above his entrance, "Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit" - called or not called, God is here. And as Nietzsche said after being hit by a horse and lying on the floor semi-conscious, "Finally, finally something has happened to me."
In collaboration with Aurore Chauve.
Typeface by Ines Davodeau.

Design by Emma Hazen.