In 2017, Spotify’s RapCaviar created a real-world Pantheon,  2019, RapCaviar announced the return of Pantheon, as well as its 2019 inductees—Cardi B, Jaden Smith, Juice Wrld. The four 2019 RapCaviar inductees were honored with masterfully crafted life-size statuess that capture their vibrant personalities.
Strategy, Concept & Global Creative Direction In Collaboration with: Heather Brodie, Tal Midyan. Film and creative consultancy: Ibra Ake. Photography: Keith Oshiro. Producer: Tara Fraser Film production: Mamag Studio. 3D and motion: Unfun. Fabrication: Pretty in Plastic. Spotify Extended Team Payman Kassaie,  Natalie Espinosa, Zainab Hasnain, Carl Chery, Maxwell Adepoju, Sydney Lopes, Rosa Asciolla, Amanda Butler, Zainab Hasnain, Max Weinstein, Tamika Young, Marian Dicu