A unique idea for a hyper-local activation for an independent record label, a very hands-on production, resulting in press coverage and Webby nod. Channeling the pirate radio stations of the past, we gave the bridge a soundtrack. Williamsburg Bridge Radio is a music app that is only broadcast on the bridge. The app tracks where you are, and plays a hype track for inspiration when you’re pushing up the incline, and a chill track for when you’re coasting back down. Party tracks and deep cuts à la Mykki Blanco, Dutch E Germ and Aquarian.
Concept, Creative Director
In Collaboration with: Eric Hu./ Adiran Yu/ Rob Engvall / Oscar Pere, Jordan Leinen/ Dofl Y.H. Yun Heather Brodie. 
Awards: Webby Winner 2016 FWA site of the day